IBM Talks


Power5 processor and System Evolution by Charles Grassl

High Performance Switch by Charles Grassl

Performance Programming with IBM pSeries Compilers and Libraries by Roch Archambault

Special Effects by Charles Grassl and Roch Archambault


IBM Keynote by Rebecca Austen (Director, IBM Deep Computing Marketing)

Advances and Updates

HPC Technology Overview by Barry Bolding (IBM)

JS20 and Mare Nostrum Experiences (Barcelona) by Juan Jose Porta (IBM EMEA/Germany)

Cell Server Technology by Barry Bolding (IBM)

Interconnects by Don Grice (IBM Distinguished Engineer Poughkeepsie)

News from ACTC by Simone Sbaraglia (IBM Research Watson)

GPFS Advances by Ray Paden (IBM)

MPI Advances by Dick Treumann (IBM)

Compiler Developments by Roch Archambault (IBM)


BlueGene Review by Manish Gupta (IBM Research Watson)

BlueGene/L Applications Update by Gyan Bhanot (IBM Research Watson)