User Talks


At the Bleeding Edge: Novel Architectures for High Performance by Richard Kenway (Chair of EPCC)

Software and Tools

KOJAK hardware counter performance analysis of parallel programs by Brian Wylie (FZ Juelich)

Performing Analysis at Large Scale Platforms by Judit Gimenez (CEPBA-UPC)

Interactive Monitoring of LoadLeveler Controlled Clusters with LLview by Wolfgang Frings (FZ Juelich)

DCProg - The Distributed Congestion Network Bandwidth Testing Program by Tom Logan (ARSC)

Applications: Weather and Climate

NCAR CCSM with Task-Geometry Support in LSF by Mike Page (NCAR) -- paper

Performance of IFS on the IBM p690+ systems at ECMWF by Deborah Salmond (ECMWF)

Load Balancing for Rain Assimilation in ECMWF's Weather Model (IFS) by John Hague (IBM)

Deploying the Large Scale Air Pollution Model as a Grid Service by Cihan Sahin (University of Reading)

BGL Experiences

Application Performance on an eServer BlueGene: Early Experience by Lorna Smith (Research Manager EPCC)

Initial BlueGene/L Application Performance Results LLNL by Tom Spelce (LLNL)

Early Experiences and Performance Results From the New Blue Gene/L System at the National Center for Atmospheric Research by Richard Loft (NCAR)

Applications: Chemistry

Computational Chemistry by Paul Madden (The University of Edinburgh)

Application Performance on the High Performance Switch by Ian Bush (CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory)

Computational Chemistry codes usage on IBM SP and IBM Linux Cluster by Sigismondo Boschi (CINECA)

Software and Tools II

Reducing the Impact of Operating System Interference on Scientific Applications by Terry Jones (LLNL)

Planned AlltoAllv: A Cluster Approach by Stephen Booth (EPCC)

Collective operations for message passing in heterogeneous clusters by Victor Gergel (Nizhni Novgorod)