Submitted User Talks


Welcome by Tom Bettge (NCAR)

Modeling the Changing Earth System: Prospects and Challenges by William D. Collins (NCAR)

Weather & Climate Modeling

Community Climate System Model (CCSM) Efficiency on IBM HPC platforms by Jonathan Wolfe (NCAR)

The Earth System Modeling Framework and Earth System Curator: Software Components as Building Blocks o Community by Cecelia DeLuca (NCAR)

Continuing Experience with two generations of IBM P6XX clusters at NOAA/NCEP by George W. VandenBerghe (NOAA NCEP)

Performance of IFS on Power5+ by John Hague (IBM)

Algorithms & Techniques

Lattice Boltzmann for Complex Fluids on Blue Gene by Kevin Stratford (University of Edinburgh)

Scaling the Parallel Ocean Program (POP) to 30,000 processors on Blue Gene/L by John Dennis (NCAR)

Scalability of a pseudospectral DNS turbulence code with 2D domain decomposition on Power4+/Federation and Blue Gene systems by Dmitry Pekurovsky (SDSC)

Parallelizing the Communication-Intensive Point-Clustering Algorithm by Brian Gunney (LLNL)

Performance Analysis & Debugging

Analyzing the Performance of Parallel Applications on IBM Systems with KOJAK by Bernd Mohr (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Parallel IO Supports and Performance Study with HDF5: A Scientific Data Package by MuQun Yang (NCSA)

Blue Gene External Performance Monitoring by Roy Musselman (IBM)

Integrated Performance Monitoring on POWER3,4&5 by David Skinner (NERSC)

Computational and I/O performance study of FV CAM in Bluegene/L and pwr5 systems by Siddhartha Ghosh (NCAR)

Memory debugging on AIX and Power Linux with TotalView by Chris Gottbrath (Etnus)

Benchmarks & Performance

Performance Benefits from Upgrading from Power4 to Power5 Technology by Alan Gray (University of Edinburgh)

Experiences Configuring, Debugging, Validating and Running on NERSC's New 122-node POWER 5 p575 System by Richard Gerber (NERSC)

Early performance results for the LLNL Purple system by Tom Spelce (LLNL)

AIX 5.3 Experiences at NCAR by Siddhartha Ghosh (NCAR)

Blue Gene Experiences

Blue Gene Application Performance Optimization by Roy Musselman (IBM)

Utilization of the Communications Coprocessor on Blue Gene/L by Charles Archer (IBM)

Evaluation of Blue Gene Performance and Applicability by Wayne Pfeiffer (SDSC)

Early Experiences with Juelich's 8-Rack BlueGene/L System by Bernd Mohr (Forschungszentrum Jülich)